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How to save the new CloudSpatialAnchor as a WorldAnchor on the local platform?

Attach a local Azure Spatial Anchor to the sphere that we're placing in the real world.
/// <summary>
/// Creates a sphere at the hit point, and then saves a CloudSpatialAnchor there.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="hitPoint">The hit point.</param>
protected virtual void CreateAndSaveSphere(Vector3 hitPoint)
// Create a white sphere.
sphere = GameObject.Instantiate(spherePrefab, hitPoint, Quaternion.identity) as GameObject;
sphereMaterial = sphere.GetComponent<MeshRenderer>().material;
sphereMaterial.color = Color.white;
Debug.Log("ASA Info: Created a local anchor.");
// Create the CloudSpatialAnchor.
currentCloudAnchor = new CloudSpatialAnchor();
// Set the LocalAnchor property of the CloudSpatialAnchor to the WorldAnchor component of our white sphere.
WorldAnchor worldAnchor = sphere.GetComponent<WorldAnchor>();
if (worldAnchor == null)
throw new Exception("ASA Error: Couldn't get the local anchor pointer.");
// Save the CloudSpatialAnchor to the cloud.
currentCloudAnchor.LocalAnchor = worldAnchor.GetNativeSpatialAnchorPtr();