WebXR Lessons
Learn how to develop Mixed Reality experiences on the web using WebXR Device APIs. WebXR Lessons: www.learnwebxr.dev
WebXR Lessons: www.learnwebxr.dev​
WebXR YouTube Channel
Wellcome to the introduction to WebXR Lessons. We will talk about:
Short link to WebXR Lessons: www.learnwebxr.dev​
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Learn to create 3D experiences on the web with JavaScript and WebXR device APIs in this course with Ayşegül Yönet from Microsoft.
Frontend Masters
FrontendMasters Introduction to 3D and WebXR Course
Windows Mixed Reality JavaScript Documentation: aka.ms/WebXR​
Using WebXR with Windows Mixed Reality - Mixed Reality
Windows Mixed Reality WebXR Documentation

Why web is important for Mixed Reality Development?

Web is for all and web is always free. As a developer, you will always have the right to your own creation and distribution, which is not the case on any other platform.
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Why web is important for Mixed Reality Development?